Monday, December 8, 2014

Introducing #2...

Kelsey Catherine!

Born on July 10, 2014, at 8:29am.  She was 6 lbs, 13 ozs, and 20 inches long.  Everyone is doing well.

I readily admit I'm pretty far behind in announcing this.  "Posting to blog" has taken a serious back seat to "taking care of family," which is the correct priority, in my book.  :)  Bethany, now 3 years and 8 months old, is a wonderful big sister.

Having a second child makes the logistics significantly harder, but there isn't the same level of panic as there was with #1; you know that sometimes, they're just going to cry all night.  And sometimes, as happened this morning (for instance), they're just going to spit up on you.  It's all part of the growing process.

And, of course, big time credit to my wife Bonnie, who even managed to complete a triathlon in October.  Below are Big Sister and Little Sister cheering her on for the bike portion.