Sunday, March 7, 2010

Loss of time

I happily spent a fair amount of time in the evenings over the past few weeks watching the Olympics, which negatively affected the amount of time I had to update the blog.

I fear that with this new development, I may lose more time:

Popular Science has scanned in all 137 years of their articles, and made them freely available for all to search and peruse.  It's not that Popular Science is the paragon of all things scientifically truthful, or that Popular Science is the Oracle of Things to Come, but at least they consistently write about things that are just plain cool.

To really crank up the nostalgia, enter a yesteryear into the search field ... say, 1950 ... and enjoy reading about the latest Russian car designs from 1950.

My one complaint is that the interface is hokey.  Why can't I make the viewing window bigger?

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