Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Geography Quiz

There's a chance I'll be making a trip to a small, northern Canadian town for work in the next year or so.  I looked it up on Google maps but -- just like looking up words in a dictionary -- I got distracted in looking at other things and finding where some things lie in relation to other things.

So, here's your Geography Quiz for the week.  Take a guess at the answers WITHOUT referring to a map, atlas, or other site on the internet.  The answers might surprise the heck out of you.  I'll post the answers in another day or so.

1.  If you draw a line due east from Seattle, where do you hit the East Coast?

2.  If you draw a line due south from Atlanta, where do you hit South America?

3.  Why do you need a passport to drive to the northern most part of the continental United States?

Answers in a few days.

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