Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Post

Ah, the canonical first post.

It’s likely that nobody will ever read the first blog post, because who goes back that far? What was the first post on Slashdot? Can anybody remember the first article to grace the pages of BoingBoing? And so our hard work and prose fades into the ether, like our first sandy footprints on a long journey getting blown away by the wind.  So I’ll use this particular section of vacuum to describe a little bit about myself and the blog.

I’m an engineer. I like to think of myself as a rationally thinking human being. I try to apply that to everyday life. Problem is, I live in Washington, DC, which is a thoroughly irrational town. Well, maybe not irrational, maybe just perversely rational. In any event, it’s weird. I’ve gotten used to it over 10 years, and now I have some weird stories to share.

Among other things, I will try to document that weirdness on these pages. As well as some general musings on engineering, design, and life in general.  As well as let this serve as a creative outlet ... once in a while, six or seven of the neurons in my right hemisphere may spring to life and do something genuinely innovative. Mind you, on the rare occasions that it happens, the left hemisphere immediately notices the right hemisphere doing something completely illogical, and begins trying to shut the left hemisphere down in a most orderly fashion.  They're short-lived, but they may live on a little longer in a medium like this.

We'll see where it goes.

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